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Development of curricula

Before reading:

I believe that curriculum is developed by having a group of people from the government, teachers, specialists and other people who are invited to the renewal or development come together and work to create curriculum ideas. There is many meetings and discussions around what should be included and how. Then, once the ideas have been narrowed down, they send the information to curriculum writers to develop the formal curriculum documents. After the documents are created, it goes to pilot teachers who try it out and give feedback on how it worked or didn’t work. This may happen a few times before the curriculum is made public and mandated.


After reading

There is a great deal of politics involved in the creation of curriculum. Government platforms can be affected by what the public wants and that can also affect that curriculum that comes from those platforms. If the policies are not implemented as the public wants, there can be problems with the next election. The influence of government is quite great in curriculum development and therefore, because the public can influence the government, they therefore can influence curriculum to a point. There is also a lot of behind the scenes people that are influencing curriculum without most people realizing that they are. The creation of curriculum is very intertwined with the government and many other people that are changing and influencing curriculum either publicly or privately.


This reading provided me with a lot of new knowledge about the policy side of curriculum development. I knew the government was involved in the creation of curriculum before, but never realized just how much impact they really were. I also never really knew about how the public and non government people could affect the government people in the creation of curriculum. The policy side of curriculum was a very eye opening reading. Although it slightly surprised me to begin with, the more I thought about it, the more this reading made sense. The government influence makes sense to me and although I think it is maybe slightly concerning that they have such a impact, I think it makes sense.





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